Kanyashree Cup Day 1

Battling with the Covid-19 situation, the time finally came for the Kanyashree Cup 2019-20. Sreebhumi FC and Chandney SC were the first 2 teams to play, opposite each other today, at Howrah Stadium.

Maintaining all the safety guidelines as the foremost priority, prior to the match, all the players had undergone covid test, and each and every area before the match was sanitized properly.

During the match, in its first half, Shreebhumi FC took the lead as Aarti scored the opener. But the second half was a thrilling one as Chandney equalised from a beautiful attack. The equaliser came from Rakhi Kachap who helped to bag a crucial one point for her team. The match ended with a draw of 1-1.

The next match is rescheduled on 3rd December at 1:30 p.m at Howrah Stadium between Dumdumi Adibasi TBS and Sarojini Naidu OSC.

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