KOLKATA, Dec 12: Gokulam started the game with intense pressing and BSS was no match for it as Dennis gave the I-League side an early lead at the 8th minute. BSS tried to find their footing in the game but Dennis came in like an arrow and got his brace at the 12th minute.

BSS Sporting was trying to defend and get a hold of the ball but failed as Gokulam led both in terms of possession and chances created. The game carried on as in the 19th minute Dennis got his first hat trick of the tournament which made sure BSS had no way to come back.

The weather was pleasant but the game was quite the opposite for BSS as Dennis turned out to be an absolute nightmare for them as he scored his fourth at the 47th minute followed by a fabulous and clinical goal by Muhammed Shibil at the 66th minute.

The game as already over for BSS but Pritam Roy scored at the 67th minute to reduce the lead but it was already too far from them to come back. Just as things couldn’t get any worse, Jithin got on the scoresheet at the 72nd minute.

Asif Ali got a consolation goal at the 74th minute for BSS when Gokulam started relaxing and taking it easy. Even though the game was over BSS it seemed Gokulam wanted more which came in the form of Saliov as he dribbled past three players and dodged the goalkeeper and hit home.

Dennis Antwi was named the Man of the Match and when he was asked about this win he said, “I feel great. I’ve been working hard. Even though in the last match we couldn’t score, this time we got the opportunity and we scored”

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