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The Indian Football Association is deeply rooted in the history of the game in the sub-continent.


Football did not send its calling card to India announcing its arrival. The game captured the fancy of Indians by accident than design. “Kick it back to me, boy,” a British soldier had said to a young Bengali lad who went by the name of Nagendra Prasad Sarbhadhikari.Sometime in the mid-nineteenth century in colonial India, Nagendra Prasad had stood watching a few British soldiers kick a leather-bound sphere around, one that had suddenly rolled towards him.With a sense of curious optimism, he kicked it back and thus became the first Indian to touch a football. … Read More


Talent Hunt

The Indian Football Association has come up with a talent discovery programme to identify young talents and guide them towards a rewarding football career, while providing those shortlisted an opportunity to gain exposure in the sports industry. This is aimed at letting the best among them get a direct and a hitch-free entry into the footballing world.

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